Why Did That Person Honk At Me?

Driving in LA gets a bad rap, because there is so much traffic. Understood, and agreed.

I have a running theory that driving (and perhaps just living) in LA ingrains so much anxiety in its drivers that honking their horns at others is their only true release.  Therefore, LA drivers are constantly waiting for something to "happen" to them that will necessitate such honk.  There's also something different about the honks from LA drivers. They typically last at least one Mississippi, and are usually never courteous light staccato taps.  You can feel their pent-up anger in their honks, they want you to know that you have wronged them and are using their car horn to convey the words they most likely would never say to your face, nor to the face of anyone else who has wronged them.  From the comfort of their cars, drivers in LA feel finally in control of their bleak lives, finally able to stand up to those who just keep getting in their way, even if they are still going to be stuck in traffic.

Moreover, I am speaking from experience as an LA driver for the last three (3) years.  I've felt myself watching another car, knowing they are going to make some wrong move, and still slamming on my car horn to shame them even further. Am I a monster?? No. I have just been living here for too long.

Driving in LA just makes you mad. Cars drive around as though they own the road and without any regard for any other cars or pedestrians.  This, compounded with the cost of living and cost of parking can really frustrate a person, and they end up taking it out on the next car that "wrongs" them.

The following is a running list of potential reasons as to why that last driver just honked at you, in order of likelihood:
  1. Someone just cut them off.
  2. They are late.
  3. They think they are the only car on the road trying to get somewhere.
  4. Someone just honked at them.
  5. Google maps lied to them.
  6. Google maps told them to take an unprotected left turn without a stoplight onto Wilshire.
  7. There's an accident on the 405.
  8. They don't know where they are going.
  9. If they don't get to a gas station soon, they will run out of gas.
  10. They don't make enough money.
  11. Hillary lost.
  12. They are hungry and don't know where they are going to eat.
  13. They have to use the bathroom.
  14. There was no parking at Starbucks.
  15. They don't know what to be for Halloween.
  16. Lactose intolerance is ruining their life.
  17. They hate their neighbors.
  18. They are on a new restrictive diet.
  19. Mom just said something offensive to them.
  20. Real Housewives is starting in 5 minutes.
  21. They just tried clothes on and nothing fit.
  22. They are on a work call while driving.
  23. Their luxury car payments are more than they can actually afford.
  24. It's hot outside.
  25. Maybe you did something wrong.

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