What Are You Even Doing?

So I've semi-published this blog by sharing with my twitter, the only platform I really use -- for my news, my laughs, my own rants. Plus I can keep up with my brother's baseball team on there. Ok but this isn't about twitter. This is more of an expansion of my twitter, with a little more effort.

But, you may ask, what is this blog about? Why are you doing this? What are you going to continue to write about in the future? The answer is, I don't know, but I feel good about writing. As I wrote before, Andrew is not a blogger-boyfriend type. He's a good subject for my own photos, because I know how to take photos. However, I can't jeopardize our relationship by trying to get him to take OOTDs of me. Also, I don't have enough style or enough expensive clothes to be a cool fashion blogger, so there's also that. I do like following fashion bloggers on instagram and vloggers on youtube, and hearing about people's favorite things, so I might do that. Even if it doesn't help anyone else, at least I will memorialize my favorite things that I can come back to in case I ever stray.

I think I might start doing weekend recaps, of things I am loving: things I'm doing, eating, and buying. I can't stray too far away from my GirlMeetsPizza roots and I will still write about pizza and other food that I love. One thing I already know I have to write about is the pizza that changed my life at Jon & Vinny's.

So this blog is just about me, trying to make clearer, more appreciative, and more thoughtful observations about the world around me but also just trying to live my life.

The title is something I type multiple times a day, in almost every email I send.

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