Weekend Update: August 27

Since I didn't really have any plans this weekend anyway, I made a last-minute trip home.

What I bought this week:
Fjallraven Kanken backpack. I've always thought these were weird looking as they are so rectangular and have those two handles at the top, but now I think they look cool and different and I got one.  This actually was listed down below in "what I want to buy" until I decided to pull the trigger on Saturday for my upcoming east coast trip next weekend. I'm also tempted to further pretend that I actually purchased this backpack while in Stockholm. When am I going to use this backpack, you ask? Easy- whenever I want to bring my laptop somewhere but its not so serious of a destination that I don't feel the need to use my Phillip Lim backpack. I'm also hoping I can use this in place of a black tote bag on weekends. Also now that I'm obsessed with it, I also want to get a (one) floral patch to decorate it with like so.

These Uniqlo pants -- the most fashion pants I've ever owned and I'm obsessed.  I'm going to bring them on our trip next week. Also, I'm going to be pissed if they are on sale for Labor Day next weekend. But also maybe I'll just buy another color (upside down smiley face).

This Michael Kors dress to wear to my cousin's wedding next month, and to potentially bring to my other cousin's wedding next year in Italy.

What I want to buy:
Multiple shirts from the Olivia Kim x Nordstrom x Hanes Pop-up. Mostly this one and this one and definitely this one.

The new pink Pharrell x Adidas x Tennis Hu shoes. It looks like they only make this bright pink for mens' sizes right now which is annoying. At least I can still wear kids' sized shoes.

Glossier's Generation G lip stick thing in Crush. And their Wowder with the brush in light. Idk, I just want them.

Bay Area life:
Peter was supposed to pitch Saturday night when I was there, but due to an injury of another pitcher, he ended up pitching Friday night. I started listening when I got home just out of curiosity - last time I listened to his game, he did horribly and I felt like I was bad luck. This time, I listened through the sixth inning, when he got taken out. Since he made it past 5, he got the win for the team! I was also still wearing my Vallejo Admirals shirt so maybe that did the trick.

Post-gym lewk.

On Saturday, we got Philz in the wee hours of the morning before I got dropped off at LAX. On the way back home, mom and I stopped at Broadway Plaza in WC to do some shopping.  I specifically wanted to go there because I wanted the fjallraven backpack, and Nordstrom.com said they had it in stock at this location but it was sold out when I finally got there.  I knew I should have done the "buy and pick up in store" option! I wanted to see the color in real life though, and also see how much the backpack was actually going to fit inside. Since I had literally just come from the airport, the bag I was carrying had all of my normal everyday items, as well as my laptop and my fat Yanagihara book. Everything fit in with room to spare, so I decided to just have them order me the ocean green backpack and send it to my apartment in LA. Didn't buy anything else though. I don't need anything else!

"I bought this in Stockholm"

On Sunday, mom and I spent a lot of time sitting around and watching Younger, while doing all the laundry I brought home and getting rid of old high school shirts and sweatshirts from my room.  The highlight of the day was of course when we drove down to Santa Clara to visit my grandma in her care home.

I promise she's both awake, and alive.

Articles I've shared:
A cookie recipe I'm dying to try.

In preparation for our trip to Washington DC, NYTimes' 36 Hours. Now very interested in going to Rep 57.

In case not already clear, I have an NYTimes subscription so I spend a lot of my day every day reading their articles. This one about the brand APC makes me want to invest in some APC (even though they explicitly say in the article it isn't designer, it's still p expensive).  The Touitous also make having a fashion brand seem easy and relatable, even though I'm sure it really isn't.

This article about judges encouraging and allowing female attorneys to have more airtime in federal court.

I am OBSESSED with this article. I wish I could read it again for the first time, again. Andrew and I are both obsessed with both Sterling K. Brown (Christopher Darden and Randall Pearson) and Brian Tyree Henry (Paperboi), because they both go by 3-part names.  It's always v exciting when they pop up in shows we are watching (Insecure, This Is Us (for paper boi), original cast of Book of Mormon, etc).

Comprehensive and hilarious review of the new music video for LWYMMD.

What I'm Listening to: Taylor Swift's entire library of songs, in anticipation of #Reputation; #LOOKWHATYOUMADEMEDO because it's out, and it's growing on me. Also Fifth Harmony's new album "Fifth Harmony" (clearly they are still leaning into the 5 thing).

What I'm Reading: concurrently reading The Summer Book by Tove Jannson, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara (too heavy to bring around with me on the go)

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