Weekend Update: August 20

This is intended to be the first installment of a weekly post in which I update all week all the things I have been doing, because my life is so interesting and I think that other people will care about things I like.

What I bought this week:
APL Sneakers I had originally ordered the tropical peach ones from net-a-porter, but then when googling for this post, I saw they had the soft pink on the APL website and.... I had to order both to compare. [pro tip: go to APL's website, add some shoes to your cart, fill out your name/email in guest checkout all the way until you have to enter credit card info, leave the site, they will email you a $20 coupon to get you back!] Since the pair from the APL website are $20 cheaper, I'll will probably stick with these.
The Idiot by Elif Batuman
Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

What I want to buy:
STILL drooling over the Gucci velvet marmont bag in teal, and I have been since last winter. But it seemed too seasonal and trendy for the price point, although I can picture myself using it now in the summer and still throughout the winter and really at any time! However, I just googled it to link here, and the teal doesn't seem to be new in stock anywhere anymore. The "rubin velvet" fuchsia one is also very beautiful though.

Pixel Eyewear glasses because I truly do just stare at a computer all day long, and anything that can help with this eye-strain would be appreciated.

HRH collection single open heart ring because I've always wanted a crystal piece from HRH and now that the rings are produced on metals I can actually wear, I want to get one! However, I haven't been able to decide what ring size I should get, if I should get a midi ring or just get the size to wear it at the base of my finger.

LA Life:

Finally made some time at work on Friday to walk down to our friendly neighborhood cookie store, Cookie Good.  I have been dying for them to bring back the crunch berries flavor, but I figured the peanut butter crunch cookie might be just as good. Verdict: not AS good, but still good. Also they have a "$100,000 bar" (100 grand bar) cookie which is a MUST.

Melanie came to visit again! While she was at a conference all day at UCLA, I completed my usual Saturday daytime ritual, consisting of going to Philz and getting a Philtered Soul with Almond Milk and No Sugar, reading, then walking around the promenade.  Andrew and I also tried the Joe's pizza on Broadway, which neither of us had realized it was the same as Andrew's favorite slice pizza place in NY.  Actually now that I think about it, I'm not sure what proof there is that they are in fact the same place, so I'm going to look it up now.

After Melanie's conference, she, Preethi, Andrew and I went to the Grove to watch Ingrid Goes West, which was followed by a Q&A with Aubrey Plaza, moderated by Danny Franzese AKA DAMIEN FROM MEAN GIRLS. I thought the movie was great, it included hilarious takes on "influencers" and their dumb photos and dumb captions.  This role was pretty different for Aubrey, she got to use her RBF as usual, but she wasn't playing a mean person.  Still great.  I want to caption every photo I post with "another day, another avocado toast."  The Q&A after was interesting, Damien didn't do the greatest job moderating- he seemed too hot and was unprepared with his questions.  He also asked twice about how Ingrid had a normal relationship with the men in the movie, but couldn't act normally around Taylor (female), and like "what's up with girl friendships though?" To which many people in the audience starting whispering, and not whispering, that it was a sexist question. I mean in retrospect, maybe he was just trying to get some recognition for his role in Mean Girls. At one point he actually said "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen" BUT THAT WASN'T EVEN A LINE OF HIS IN THE MOVIE.

One of the great plans for Melanie's time in LA was attending the Chase Sapphire Sunday Brunch at Rose Cafe in Venice with special guest Chrissy Teigen!!! We got there at 11, and at check-in is when we realized that "influencers" were invited and probably didn't have to pay like us sad "cardmembers." The scene was amazing. It was truly that -- a scene. And people taking pics at every angle to commemorate experiencing such scene.  When we got there, Chrissy was sitting in the back behind a curtain, filming something, and her bodyguard made me stop taking photos. He didn't make me delete what I had taken though, probably because he didn't want to have to get up from his post and allow other crazy blogger girls take more prohibited photos. So Melanie and I just ate everything- the spread was great: neapolitan pizzas, a bagel bar, pasta, pretty pastries laid out on a big table. Plus waiters just walking around with trays of glasses of rose. Eventually, Chrissy did some talk with some blogger or E! news girl and then made a toast to everyone before walking back to her black car and stopping for only one pic.  Melanie was able to snap this amazing pic of the side of my face with Chrissy walking by in the background. Also, when we left, they gave us cool pineapple cups, just to add to the instagram-sheen of the entire thing. Definitely worth it. Full review coming soon!

Articles I've shared:
The role coffee shops have in gentrifying cities and the pushback that goes unseen by most foodies. It is true though that if you are looking for a "cool" area of a neighborhood, you should search for "hipster coffee."

ManRepeller understanding me truly to my core. I can't post an instagram without a caption in this vein. A small sampling of the literary genius that this post is: "I’d Snapchatted the grocer ringing them up with the caption “tysm sir.” I love that Eggos are nutritional wastelands. It’s so ’90s."

A luxe wedding in NYC for less than $14k. The illustrator-as-party-favors is a really creative and cool idea that I think guests would actually appreciate more than a magnet or chocolate bar. Also, I love the idea of incorporating tropical leaves in the flower arrangements as a subtle homage to my island ancestors.

This commute is unreal and makes my 2.2 miles seem like literally nothing.  This woman doesn't let it bother her, she is never in a rush, and still seems happy. I mean she's not happy about the housing crisis in SF, but she doesn't seem to be letting her commute get her down, which is more than I can say for almost everyone in LA. It's inspiring how she intentionally chooses the way to live her life, despite the stress that so many other people would allow to envelope their morning and night, she takes everything slowly and appreciates her own routine. My current morning routine is wake up, snooze my alarm until I will only be 15 minutes late to work, drag myself to drive 12 minutes to work, sit in the chair and sulk tiredly.

What I'm Listening To: Spotify's "I Love My 00's R&B" because the 00's are the new 90's

What I'm Reading: finished My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, starting A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

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