The Thought Process of Wearing a Floral Blazer to Work

I bought this blazer from Banana Republic because I tried it on and was in love and it was only like $30. There were also matching shorts, pants, tops, and dresses in the same pattern, but Andrew was against me buying anything else.  The cashier man ringing me up told me it would be SO cute with "just a plain white t-shirt" so then I got in my head about wearing it with anything else, like I was planning. So far, I've only worn it once, with a plain white t-shirt.

Mad because no one is complimenting my blazer, but also my natural RBF.

Today, I am trying again. I am wearing it with a plain black crewneck sweater, dark jeans, and my dope patent oxfords. I can feel everyone's eyes on the pattern, and I've already snapped it to my friends saying "wearing a loud blazer so no one talks to me" out of pure self-consciousness that no one at work said anything about it.  Melanie snapped me back saying "Great blazer" so now I'm feeling better. Thanks, Mel! Steven also said "cool pattern" or something like that. So yeah, my friends get it. I'm feeling better. Then my boss walked into my office and I FELT his eyes go up and down the arm of my blazer, studying the pattern and not saying anything. Ugh. But what does he know about fashion. [UPDATE: the guy in the lobby told me he liked my jacket, but then told me I needed more concealer under my eyes. THANKS!]

My hair was down when I walked into work, and now its in a ponytail, because I felt like I needed to make my vibe more casual.

I knew since last night that I wanted to wear this blazer today. I want to wear it all the time, because I love how loud it is and I love that the floral print is more tropical/hibiscus than grandmother fabric. I previously went through a semi-minimalist phase where I only wanted to wear white button ups to work, and while I am still into white button-ups, I want to add cooler things to the white button ups to change it up a little.  Enter this blazer, and a bunch of statement earrings.  Unfortunately, I don't work at an office with any cool fashion people considering I'M AN ATTORNEY and I don't work at Man Repeller or Buzzfeed though I might dream that I do.

Feeling better about my lewk.

Anyway, I think that when I wear it, I'm nervous that my insecurity and self-consciousness about the blazer permeate into the vision of the blazer. So my vibe turns into a double dose of anxiety.  I just have to remember to at least pretend to feel confident so that it looks better.  I'm going to go walk to get my afternoon coffee with the self-confidence of a NYC fashion girl, and sit outside of the cafe and read, while wearing this blazer, with the muted confidence of a French girl.

French girl in need of lipstick and photoshop.

At the end of the day, the blazer brings me joy.  It doesn't bring me joy that no one in my office seems to understand the appeal of it.  Maybe it's this office that doesn't bring me joy.

There you have it: wear a floral blazer to work, figure out life's problems.

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