How to Walk to Work in LA

Today, I'm walking to work. Reasons: my engine coolant light is on, and I just checked it, it's almost empty, and I don't have time to buy new coolant; I need to pick up my contacts; I haven't exercised; my office is only a little over 2 miles away from my apartment.

Here's me putting on my beautiful new shoes. Notice no visible tied shoelaces.

1. Perfect your walking outfit.  It hasn't been sunny in LA, so I'm wearing a Vallejo Admirals raglan, Zella leggings, and my new pink APLs. I plan on wearing these leggings all day today.

LA walking lewk.

2. Pack a work outfit. Usually, I just throw a dress in my backpack. I keep a pair of black flats in my desk to change into on days that I walk. Since it's been cold, I'm going to keep these leggings on and brought a chambray popover to put on top in attempt at making my outfit work appropriate.

3. Make as many stops as possible. First stop, Peet's coffee for a large iced Americano, not hot because I know I'm going to sweat. Second stop, optometrist's office! I've been wearing my 2-week contacts for almost a month now, so I really need these.

Drinking a chic black coffee. Go professional baseball!

4. Find something to listen to that will keep you company (mentally) while walking by yourself. The podcast "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" makes me crack up and actually laugh out loud while I'm walking, like a crazy person.  The 3 McElroy brothers are so hilarious.  Also great is the 3 act musical podcast, "36 Questions" featuring Jonathan Groff.

Stopped listening to the podcast at my optometrist's office. Thanks Village Eyes Optometry!

5. Try not to get hit by any cars. Cars driving onto the curb is not something you can control, but if you have to walk across freeway onramps, ALWAYS MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THESE PSYCHOS.

Mentally preparing to walk underneath the 405.

6. Tell everyone at work that you walked there.  Walk in sweaty, with no makeup on, so that people ask you if you just worked out. Say no, you just WALKED.

There's another guy in this elevator with me. Did not tell him I walked.

7. Forget to apply makeup an hour into work. Get so distracted by telling people that you walked to work that you forget you look like a zombie. Freak out and slam the door to your office.

8. Apply your makeup and get on with your day. I keep a small pouch of makeup essentials in my desk for the random times I decide to walk to work, and I have already filled my backpack up to the brim.  It's just foundation, eyebrow pencil, powder, a blush/bronzer, and lipstick. EASY.

9. Mentally prepare yourself all day for the walk back. Alternatively, make sure you didn't delete the Lyft app from your phone. 

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