How I'm Making My Life More European

  1. Practicing FIKA during the workweek.
  2. Caring about the quality of my clothes.
  3. Putting more effort into my skincare.
  4. Putting more effort into my appearance generally.
  5. Not dressing like a slob.
  6. Putting less effort into caring about my appearance.
  7. Reading books by international authors.
  8. Reading international magazines.
  9. Eating locally sourced foods.
  10. Observing the beauty in mundane (and repetitive) surroundings.
  11. Wearing earrings.
  12. Attending shows.
  13. Visiting museums.
  14. Watching independent films.
  15. Renewing my passport.
  16. Wearing lipstick.
  17. Walking more to enjoy the sunshine.
  18. Eating baked pastries and breads and not feeling bad about it.
  19. Drinking black coffee.
  20. Creating and cultivating beauty in my surroundings.

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