Going Home Again

My favorite things about coming home: 

1. Puppy kisses
2. Hugs from my dad
3. Mom's cooking
4. Going through Mom's facebook to see pictures of my relatives
5. Getting laundry done for free
6. Fried porkchops, barbeque chicken, and tocino
7. Sleeping with Elsa
8. Prying information out of my brother
9. The quick drive to Berkeley for Sliver and Ici
10. Dad's new automatic espresso maker
11. Dad's new automatic ice shaver machine
12. Family members within 15 minute drives
13. Watching Peter's games
14. Reflecting on poor past wardrobe choices
15. Visiting my grandma in her care home
16. Hanging out with my other grandma at home
17. Shopping with mom
18. Purging old things from my old room
19. Finding old things that I used to love and using them again
20. Feeling at home

Worst things about coming home: 
1. Seeing literally anyone from my high school

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